The ultimate pole dance training app!

Never forget the name of a figure again! A mobile app that makes every aspect of poledance training easier. Watch video tutorials, read instructions step by step, mark your favorite moves and track your progress.
For students and instructors of all level.
Train with more efficiency, learn new moves and achieve your goals faster than ever!


Learn with video tutorials & step-by-step instructions

We recorded tutorial videos for every element you can find in our app with our skilled and certified instructors. You will get step-by-step instructions to achieve a certain figure. You can stop and rewind the video to look at specific moments for a better understanding.

A collection of over 200 elements

We listed the most common pole moves, categorised and put them in a very well organised structure which makes it easy for you to find the move you are searching for.
We carefully listed all the information and requirements you need to achieve any move, so it makes it easier for you to know what to learn or improve.

Various categories, filters & visual status

With a handful of filter possibilities, it is always easy to find the right move for you without scrolling through over 200 moves!
Also saving your favorites helps you to find the moves you liked the most at a later point.
Four clear categories divide between moves, dance/spinning elements, whole choreographies or just helpful warm-up exercises.

Check your progress

Check your own progress over time and share it with your friends on social media.


Standard Version

Huge collection of elements

Video tutorials & step-by-step instructions

Filter options & favorites & categories

Offline access for videos

Visual status progress

Information & tips

German/English version

Packages – for more content!

Get more awesome moves for your own collection and new tutorials, bundled in various packages for every level and category.
Get the newest packages or special bundles hosted by your favorite pole stars – for example the Lea Roth Flexy Package.
One package contains 10 new moves.


Lea Dickert

Lea Dickert

Management - Visual Supervision - UI / UX Design

Jennifer Sittel - Polestructions

Jennifer Sittel - Polestructions

Corporate Identity - Content - Marketing

Massive Miniteams

Massive Miniteams


Special Thanks to

Daniel, Hanna und Moni