Why isn’t the video stream running fluently?

We can’t quarante an optimal streaming solution because it depends on several circumstances and at the moment we are not able to offer a stronger server.
If you have problems playing a video, just download it on to your device with this button.
For deleting the video from your device and playing it in streaming mode again just tap 

How can I switch between the different disciplines like Pole, Hoop, Yoga and Exotic?

While being in the category area, just tap this icon in the upper right corner.

Why do the packages have different prices?

For the first week all packages have a reduced price. Sometimes packages contain more or less content and the prices will vary because of that.

How can I filter for moves in a specific level?

When tapping the filter icon a filter menu will open, giving you the possibility to search for different aspects. If you toggle a level of difficulty and go back to the overview, only the fitting moves will be shown.You can change the filter settings to default when choosing reset in the filter menu.

Can I change the names of moves?

It is not possible to change the main names of the moves provided by the app. Nevertheless you can add your own names in the note section, belonging to the detail view of every move. If you search for that name in the search bar after adding it, the right move will appear.

How can I change the status of a move I haven’t purchased already?

You can toggle the status on any element card with these icons

How can I change the status of an element?

Just tap on the right move and its detail view will open. If you choose the section “Status” you will find the area in which you can toggle the different states and change the colour.

How can I purchase new elements / packages?
  1. Open the menu with this icon  and go to the package section. Choose the package you want to purchase to see a detail view of its content. In this area you can tap the cart symbol and the buying options of your store will open automatically.
  2. If you tap on a move in the category overview and you haven’t already purchased it, the fitting package will open immediately. Then you just have to tap the cart symbol